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Me, one morning: Man, what's the deal with this Palehound record? I'm seeing it everywhere.

(plays record): Okay, I get it. I get it. Not bad!

(2nd spin): I should really get tickets to their show before it sells out.

Some other new(ish) stuff that may/may not already be on your radar:

GBV- Welshpool Frillies

Old Moon- Early Days EP- tracks from 2018, but just released this week.

George Clanton- Ooh Rap I Ya (Vaporwave)

Tossing Seed- When You Come Around (jangle pop)

Sonic Youth- Live In Brooklyn 2011

Osees- Intercepted message

Sarah Shannon- Demo 98 (it's a demo record, but if you like Velocity Girl, it's worth a spin)

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A. I’m doing a little rebranding myself. I released an album 3 years ago to rather quiet reception. Album got great reviews, but I could count the people applauding on one hand.

B. Going to have another go at making it known this fall as more music will follow. Formerly: Britta Pejic New Iteration: Riffindots. But who was this Britta person? https://brittapejic.bandcamp.com

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